Member Directory

Diane Hoffmaster is a Lilburn resident, a busy mom of two college kids, and the creator of Turning the Clock Back, a site devoted to teaching people to go green, get healthy, and simplify their lives one step at a time.

Natasha Dyer serves as Senior Recycling Program Coordinator for the City of Atlanta in the Mayor’s Office of Resilience, where she focuses on creating programs that increase wasted food diversion from landfill as part of the City’s Climate Action and Food Access plans. This includes, but is not limited to, creating programs that recover surplus food to feed food insecure residents and collaborating with external partners to create decentralized composting systems that benefit local gardens and farms. In her role with the City, she has also created and continues to administer a citywide Sustainability Ambassador Leadership Program that graduates just under 100 participants per year.

Jessie Stokes sells awesome eco goodies through her zero waste online shop Tiny Yellow Bungalow ( and blogs about leading a zero waste plant-based lifestyle. She is based in Athens, Georgia.

Laura DeBuys is a data analyst with a deep interest in weaving environmental stewardship into all possible aspects of her life. She dreams of a more circular economy and increased carbon-free public transportation options.

John Outler is a gardener, writer, publisher, musician and woodworker. His passion is exploring ways to implement yard-scale, sustainable and high-yield urban gardening solutions with a goal of bringing “food power” back to communities.

Kani Saeed is a civil engineer living in Atlanta. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, working out, growing indoor plants, and finding ways to minimize her negative impact on the planet.

Cesar Velez is a software engineer, who enjoys tinkering with the latest technology and anything interesting he can get his hands on. Originally from Colombia, he enjoys playing guitar, jogging and helping make people's lives better via information and technology.