Doing our part by recycling right.

GwinnettRecycles.com was created by and for the citizens of Gwinnett County, Georgia. Recycling matters, and as the second most populated county in the state of Georgia, we have a special opportunity to help our environment, community, state, and world by making a small extra effort to give the things we use every day a second life.

When you put clean, accepted materials into your curbside recycling bin or other recycling collection point, you’re setting an exciting process into motion. Instead of that metal can, plastic bottle, or Styrofoam cup rotting in a crowded landfill, it’s sorted, processed, and transformed into something else that can be used again and again. Along the way, natural resources are conserved, well-paying manufacturing jobs are created, and pollution is prevented.

Great news: You play an important part in making all this happen. Recycling the right way is easy and doesn’t take much time. This website, developed by a team of passionate citizen volunteers, shows you how.

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