Looking for volunteer opportunities in Gwinnett County that will help you help the planet? Want to join our team of citizens working to advance recycling in our community? We’d love to have you!

Gwinnett Recycles volunteers make up a group called the Gwinnett Recycling Action Team (GRAT). Though we began on Meetup in 2016, today our group organizes on Facebook. Join the group to connect with like-minded neighbors and be among the first to hear about new volunteer activities and group events. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get these updates.

There are lots of ways to volunteer!

  • Blogging for our website¬†

    Do you like to write? Blog articles can be a page or two long and on a topic of your choosing related to reducing, reusing, recycling, composting, donating, upcycling, etc. The goal is to help readers learn an important fact or two! Check out our past blog posts for reference.
  • Assisting with graphic design

    Calling all creatives! Throughout the year, graphic design needs arise. You might help create a flyer, poster, or graphics for the website or social media.
  • Helping maintain our online directory for recycling and donation opportunities

    Perfect for those who enjoy research! Our directory is comprehensive and needs to be regularly reviewed and refreshed, including adding additional items and drop-off options. This involves some Internet searching and sometimes phone calls.
  • Hosting a documentary viewing night

    Some of our best get-togethers as a group have been documentary nights, where we gather at a GRAT member’s home to watch a sustainability-themed documentary film. You host and pick the movie and we’ll bring the snacks!
  • Organizing a facility tour

    Who doesn’t love a field trip? We’ve learned a lot from our group tours of facilities like the Snellville Recycling Center, Center for Hard to Recycle Materials in Atlanta, WestRock materials recovery facility (MRF) in Marietta, and the Novus Solutions electronics recycling plant in Marietta. We need volunteers to find cool places in the area for us to tour and work with facility managers to arrange our group’s visit.
  • Organizing a litter cleanup

    Litter cleanups are a GRAT tradition. Through a few hours of teamwork on a nice day (or a rainy one — we’ve had fun with those too), we get to leave our community cleaner than we found it and prevent trash from entering ocean-bound streams and rivers. We need volunteers to look out for littered roads, pick a date to have the cleanup, and take trash and/or recycling home for disposal at the end of the cleanup. A one or two mile stretch of road that is not already adopted and is safe for pedestrians is ideal for a cleanup. We can supply the trash grabbers, bags, and other needed supplies.
  • Helping with booths at community events

    Up for talking with neighbors about recycling? Volunteering at one of our educational booths is one of the most direct and satisfying ways to make an impact. So far, we’re tentatively scheduled booths at community events in the spring and summer. Keep an eye on our calendar for dates to show up and help, and let us know if there’s an event in your part of Gwinnett that might provide a good audience for our message.
  • Coordinating a presentation to a neighborhood group

    If you know of a group in the community that gathers 30+ residents together and invites speakers, please¬†get in touch. We can arrange to come and present a “how to recycle in Gwinnett” presentation that residents will find useful and informative!

Thanks for considering contributing your valuable time and talents to our cause. Email laura@gwinnettrecycles.com to let us know how you’d like to get involved!