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Recycling in Gwinnett

For more information about recycling in Gwinnett County, visit the following websites or your city government’s website:

For more information about composting at home, check out this toolkit from Drawdown Georgia. To find neighbors near you who accept drop-offs of compostable materials, consult the ShareWaste app.

Take action on important waste issues by using our template letters to contact your commissioner.

Starting and Maintaining Recycling Programs

For information about recycling programs in schools:

For information about recycling programs in multi-family dwellings:

For information about recycling programs in the workplace:

For information about municipal government recycling programs:

Resources for Educators

For resources to help K-12 students understand the importance of recycling and the recycling industry, as well as learn key STEM topics related to recycling, with rich, standards-based, multimedia curricular experiences, visit a learning portal from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Download step-by-step lesson plans and supporting materials including activities, videos, student certificates, and handouts that support students’ real-world learning about sustainability and how to recycle properly from waste hauler Republic Services.

Teach students to reduce, reuse, and recycle with resources from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

General Waste and Recycling Information

Read new articles about recycling and other environmental topics every day on, a site that also provides the Internet’s most comprehensive directory to help you determine what you can recycle and where.

Learn more about recycling — and earn points to redeem on purchases or charitable donations — by reading articles, completing interactive activities, and taking pledges on

For an industry insider’s look at recycling and trash trends, check out articles posted daily on

For a daily dose of sustainability news and insights, subscribe to the daily newsletter from

For guidance taking action on plastic pollution, check out

Books About Waste and Recycling

The following great reads for teens and adults are available for free through the Gwinnett County Public Library:

The following books for kids are also available for free through the library:

For other sustainability-themed book recommendations, check out Gwinnett County Public Library’s staff-curated list.

Documentary Films About Waste and Recycling

Recommended documentaries about waste and related environmental issues include: