Which items in your bathroom can you put out for curbside recycling in Gwinnett County, take to a drop-off recycling or donation center, or mail in for recycling? Find out below! If an item can be dropped off or mailed in, click the blue YES button for more information. Know what you’re looking for? Use the search bar at the upper right of the table to get there quickly. 

ItemPut out for Gwinnett County curbside recycling pickup*Take to a local drop-off location for recycling or donationMail in for recycling
Batteries (alkaline)NOYESNO
Batteries (button)NOYESNO
Batteries (cell phone)NOYESNO
Batteries (lithium)NOYESNO
Batteries (rechargeable)NOYESYES
Blush and bronzer cases (empty)NOYESNO
Body wash bottles and caps (empty)YESYESNO
Concealer tubes or sticks (empty)NOYESNO
Conditioner bottles and caps (empty)YESYESNO
Contact lenses and packagingNOYESNO
Cotton ballsNONONO
Curling ironsNOYESNO
Deodorant containers (empty)NOYESYES
Eyeshadow cases and tubes (empty)NOYESNO
Face masksNONONO
Fitness trackers and smartwatchesNOYESNO
Floss containers (empty)NOYESYES
Foundation packaging (empty)NOYESNO
Hair curlersNOYESNO
Hair dryersNOYESNO
Hair gel tubs and tubes (empty)NOYESNO
Hairspray aerosol cans (empty)YESYESNO
Hair straightenersNOYESNO
Heart monitorsNOYESNO
Latex/rubber glovesNONONO
Lip balm tubes (empty)NOYESNO
Lip liner pencilsNOYESNO
Lip gloss tubes (empty)NOYESNO
Lipstick tubes (empty)NOYESNO
Lotion bottles (empty; dispenser removed)YESYESNO
Lotion dispenser pumpsNOYESNO
Lotion tubes (empty)NOYESNO
Mascara tubes (empty)NOYESNO
Medicine bottles (empty)NOYESNO
Mirrors (framed)NOYESNO
Mouthwash bottles and caps (empty)YESYESYES
Powder cases (empty)NOYESNO
Prescription medicationNOYESNO
Razors, blades, and packagingNONOYES
Shampoo bottles and caps (empty)YESYESNO
Shower doorsNOYESNO
Smoke detectorsNOYESNO
Soap bottles (empty; dispenser removed)YESYESNO
Toothbrushes (non-electric)NONOYES
Toothpaste tubes and caps (empty)NONOYES
Wisp brushesNONOYES

*Note that curbside recycling information presented here applies only to the Gwinnett County residents who live in unincorporated Gwinnett County. For curbside recycling information specific to your city, click here.

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