Which items in your kitchen can you put out for curbside recycling in Gwinnett County, take to a drop-off recycling or donation center, or mail in for recycling? Find out below! If an item can be dropped off or mailed in, click the blue YES button for more information. Know what you’re looking for? Use the search bar at the upper right of the table to get there quickly. 

ItemPut out for Gwinnett County curbside recycling pickup*Take to a local drop-off location for recycling or donationMail in for recycling
Aerosol cans (empty)YESYESNO
Aluminum cans (empty)YESYESNO
Baby food pouches (empty)NONOYES
Batteries (alkaline)NOYESNO
Batteries (button)NOYESNO
Batteries (cell phone)NOYESNO
Batteries (lithium)NOYESNO
Batteries (rechargeable)NOYESYES
Berry containers (plastic; empty)NOYESNO
Bread bags (clean and dry)NOYESNO
Butter tubs (empty)NOYESNO
Candy wrappersNONONO
Cereal bags (clean and dry)NOYESNO
Cereal boxesYESYESNO
Chip bagsNONONO
Cigarettes and packagingNOYESYES
Cleaning productsNOYESNO
Coffee creamer capsulesNONONO
Coffee and espresso makersNOYESNO
Coffee podsNONONO
Compostable products (cups, plates, utensils, etc.)NOYESNO
Cups (paper; empty)NONONO
Cups (plastic; empty)NOYESNO
Cups (Styrofoam; empty)NOYESNO
Deep fryersNOYESNO
Drink pouches (i.e. Capri Sun)NONOYES
Egg cartons (cardboard)YESYESNO
Egg cartons (Styrofoam)NOYESNO
Electric mixersNOYESNO
Envelopes and mailYESYESNO
Face masksNONONO
Fats, oils, and greasesNOYESNO
Fire extinguishersNOYESNO
Food processorsNOYESNO
Food scraps (compost)NOYESNO
Food storage containers (empty)NOYESYES
Glass bottles and jars (empty)NOYESNO
Glass tables and table insertsNOYESNO
Granola bar wrappersNONONO
Greeting cards (no glitter, foil, velvet, metal, or ribbon)YESYESNO
Greeting cards (with glitter, foil, velvet, metal, or ribbon)NONONO
Ice cream makersNOYESNO
Juice bottles (plastic; empty)YESYESNO
Latex/rubber glovesNONONO
Magazines and catalogsYESYESNO
Meat slicers and grindersNOYESNO
Meat trays (Styrofoam; clean)NOYESNO
Metal lidsNOYESNO
Milk bottles (plastic; empty)YESYESNO
Newspaper sleevesNOYESNO
Paper bagsYESYESNO
Paper napkinsNONONO
Paper towelsNONONO
Paper towel coresYESYESNO
Pizza boxesYESYESNO
Plastic bags (i.e. grocery bags, produce bags, shopping bags) (clean and dry)NOYESNO
Plastic product wrap (i.e. water bottle or toilet paper case wraps) (clean and dry)NOYESNO
Plates (Styrofoam; clean)NOYESNO
Popcorn makersNOYESNO
Photos (that tear in layers; older photos)NONONO
Photos (that tear cleanly; digital prints)YESNONO
Pressure cookersNOYESNO
Rice cookersNOYESNO
Salad bagsNONONO
Salad bins (plastic; empty)NOYESNO
Slow cookers/crock potsNOYESNO
Smoke detectorsNOYESNO
Snack bagsNONONO
Soda bottles (plastic; empty)YESYESNO
Soup cans (clean)YESYESNO
Styrofoam (clean)NOYESNO
Swiffer refillsNONOYES
Syrup bottles (plastic; empty)NOYESNO
Takeout boxes (plastic; clean)NOYESNO
Takeout boxes (Styrofoam; clean)NOYESNO
Tins (i.e. mint tins, cookie tins, popcorn tins)YESYESNO
Tissue boxesYESYESNO
Waffle makersNOYESNO
Water bottles (empty)YESYESNO
Water filtration products (Brita brand)NONOYES
Wine corks (natural)NOYESNO
Wine corks (synthetic)NONONO
Yogurt cups (empty)NOYESNO
Zip-close food storage bags (zip top cut off; clean and dry)NOYESNO

*Note that curbside recycling information presented here applies only to the Gwinnett County residents who live in unincorporated Gwinnett County. For curbside recycling information specific to your city, click here.

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