Where to Recycle Garage Items

Maybe an item in your garage can’t be recycled curbside, or it can but you don’t have curbside recycling service at your Gwinnett County home. Wait — don’t throw it in the trash yet! Many things can be taken to a nearby drop-off location for recycling or donation, or can be mailed for free to an organization that will recycle it.

Note: Before you make the trip, call ahead to a drop-off location to confirm that they will accept the particular item you have. We do our best to keep this page up to date, but recycling availability sometimes changes without warning.

Aerosol cans (empty)
  • GreenDisk – Mail-In
    1. Purchase a Technotrash Pack-IT Service for a small fee
    2. Fill a box with accepted e-waste
    3. Mail to GreenDisk
  • Bearings Bike Works – Atlanta
    Note: Accepts bikes and gently used cycling gear; program invites kids to earn a bike of their own while developing life skills
  • LifeCycle Building Center – Atlanta
    Note: Clean, whole bricks, blocks, pavers, edging, CMU (cinder blocks), stone slabs, and field stone
  • Batteries + Bulbs Stores
    Note: Accepts CFLs, fluorescent tubes, circular fluorescent, U-bend fluorescent, plastic coated and shatter shield, spot/flood lamps, UV and germicidal lamps, incandescent, halogen, cold cathode, metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, and ballasts. Fee may apply.
  • Center for Hard to Recycle Materials – Atlanta
    Note: First two incandescent bulbs, first five CFL bulbs, or first two fluorescent tube bulbs are free; fee applies to additional
Cleaning products
  • LifeCycle Building Center – Atlanta
    Note: No splits or major cracks, gouges, bowing, twisting, or unusual alterations (including pet doors)
  • LifeCycle Building Center – Atlanta
    Note: Certain sizes, free of nails, PT or untreated, all species and grades, unpainted, not stained
  • Gwinnett Earth Day (April) Event – Lawrenceville
    Note: Limited quantity per vehicle
  • LifeCycle Building Center – Atlanta
    Free of rot or damage, no fogged double pane windows (damaged seals), no broken or damaged single pane sashes
  • Cowart Mulch – Auburn, Sugar Hill, Cumming, and Ball Ground
    Note: Fee applies
  • Cowart Mulch – Auburn, Sugar Hill, Cumming, and Ball Ground
    Note: Fee applies