Get Involved

As the leading national nonprofit The Recycling Partnership puts it, recycling progress happens “community by community.” Working at the community level, in Georgia’s second most populated county, is the most important thing we as citizens can do to make an impact on the global recycling system.

Over the past two years since the founding of the Gwinnett Recycling Action Team, the grassroots team of citizen volunteers that created Gwinnett Recycles, we’ve removed 2,200 pounds of litter from the streets and rivers of Gwinnett, engaged 110 families in one-on-one conversations about recycling, motivated nine county schools with a combined 11,593 students to take part in a plastic film recycling competition, and created this website that attracts more than 2,000 visitors every month. This is all great, but we’re just getting started!

Some of the ways you can have an impact on recycling in Gwinnett County include:

  • Writing articles for our blog
  • Making additions to our recycling directory
  • Speaking to your neighbors about the importance of recycling
  • Organizing a roadside litter cleanup
  • Hosting a documentary night
  • Volunteering at a recycling event, such as America Recycles Day, to help residents recycle
  • Volunteering with us at a community event to educate people about recycling
  • Contacting the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners or your city council to advocate for greater access to recycling

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