Which items in your garage can you put out for curbside recycling in Gwinnett County, take to a drop-off recycling or donation center, or mail in for recycling? Find out below! If an item can be dropped off or mailed in, click for more information. Know what you’re looking for? Use the search bar at the upper right of the table to get there quickly. 

ItemPut out for Gwinnett County curbside recycling pickup*Take to a local drop-off location for recycling or donationMail in for recycling
Aerosol cans (empty)YESYESNO
Air conditioning unitsNOYESNO
Batteries (alkaline)NOYESNO
Batteries (button)NOYESNO
Batteries (cell phone)NOYESNO
Batteries (lithium)NOYESNO
Batteries (boat, car, and motorcycle)NOYESNO
Batteries (rechargeable)NOYESYES
Batteries (car, truck, motorcycle, and boat)NOYESNO
Carpet padNOYESNO
Car security systemsNOYESNO
Car speakersNOYESNO
CB radios/scannersNOYESNO
Cleaning productsNOYESNO
Farm equipmentNOYESNO
Fencing (metal)NOYESNO
Fire extinguishersNOYESNO
GPS/navigation systemsNOYESNO
Lawn furniture (metal)NOYESNO
Metal cabinetsNOYESNO
Propane tanksNOYESNO
Radar detectorsNOYESNO
Satellite radiosNOYESNO
Smoke detectorsNOYESNO
Sports equipmentNOYESNO
String lightsNOYESNO
Strollers (usable condition)NOYESNO
Towels and ragsNOYESNO
Water heatersNOYESNO
Weather stationsNOYESNO
Yard signsNOYESNO

*Note that curbside recycling information presented here applies only to the Gwinnett County residents who live in unincorporated Gwinnett County. For curbside recycling information specific to your city, click here.

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  • Kitchen Includes food and drink containers and housewares
  • Bathroom Includes health, personal care, and cosmetics products
  • Bedroom Includes entertainment, hobbies, home electronics, and textiles
  • Office Includes packaging materials, electronics, and writing utensils